Thursday, October 04, 2007

All Wired

In light of a recent tragedy for my brother Kolten, who plays football for A&M Kingsville, I have decided to post this cruel message:

You see, he took a cheap shot in a game and ended up with a broken jaw (in two places) and had to have his jaw wired shut for two months---not a good thing for an 18yr old who loves to eat! We love you Kolten!

Uncle Kolten's High School Graduation

Pappy and Mammy, the proud grandparents of Lucas, Dillon, Paden and Halli

Kolten and his girlfriend Sarah--we love you Sarah!

Mammy, Kolten and Pappy

Who's the baby, now?

And he's outa there!

I'm on a roll with the blogging!

I'm just up here to make the counter look good!

And we didn't even teach Halli to do this!

Lucas' excellent photography!

I'm so gonna splash you, Mom!

Sheila Wiemers, Rakel and Halli having a jewelry party---yes, Rakel sells jewelry now! Who'd have thought?!

Mom and Halli:

Night-night kiss for Bubba:

We could live in swimmies!

And the pics keep coming!

Bubba's on the slip...and slide!

I love this thing!

Our latest addition, Shaq. A full blood fat and crazy pug. Okay, so he's not so crazy in this pic...

My little beater lickers! Who needs one dish washer--I've got two!

I love corn on the cob! Don't you?!

I'm so cute in a Jeep! And to think I hated this thing when it was age appropriate!

Gotta love those piggies!

The Humphreys come to play! Austin, Dustin, Bridger and Lucas is in there, too

And the latest Humphreys addition: Alyssa's such a sweet girl!

Halli's too tired to finish dinner...and this is how she says "SHHHHH":

HAHAHA! Bubba's butt is on the internet!

Did I miss a spot?

We love you, Monica! Happy Birthday! (Halli's future mother-in-law! :))

Here's the deal: We'll trade you this ball for your cake!

Dogpile Dad!

Dazed and confused, Halli refuses breakfast this morning. Maybe she's just upset about her hair...

We have carpet!!!!! So, most of you know that we stained our concrete floors ourselves...but there's only so much of that we could handle. And it isn't exactly fun to wrestle on concrete!

And why are we on the garage floor?!

More Summer Pics

One day they'll fit!

This is my "CHEEEEEESE" face!

Yeah! I love swimming! Thanks, Elrod family!

Bubba's going in!

Weeeeee! (You better catch me!)

Don't you want to buy me a pony?

Thanks for an awesome July 4th party, Serena and James!!!!! Halli in the bounce house:

And we all fall down!

Dad and Mom at Mrs. Rothe's:

Swingin' at Mrs. Rothe's:

We'rrrreee Baaaaaaaaccckk!

So, it's been a while. Okay, nine months since our last post, but we're back! Here's some pics of the kiddos over the summer:

Giddee up baby girl!

Just a sangin'

John Deere should pay me:

This is what our family pics look like:

Has anyone seen my blue icing?!

John Deere's up and coming:

So Mom thinks this is staying in?...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Semi-final football in Hondo

"For Hondo's Honor & Glory"

Rakel's brother Kolten, center of photo, white kid with blondish hair. They lost the game, but he's a winner to his Sissy!

Rakel's youngest brother Kade contributing to pep rally fun

Halli and Lucas with Mammy (Rakel's mom) at the pep rally

Third from left, Rakel's cousin Lauren

And the award for cutest cheerleader goes to...that's Spartan cheerleader only--you know what I'm talking about, Theresa!