Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Semi Annual Blog Update!

Happy Birthday Halli! The big 3!

What hands?

What icing?

Opening presents

Pretty Pretty Princess Birthday gear

Halli's Christmas/Birthday dress

Mom and Halli...ladies in red ;)

WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mom finally got her '02 Dodge diesel! I've been dreaming about one of these for 10yrs! If you can't Dodge it, Ram it! :)

It's a good thing Dad keeps a buzz cut! Halli's outta control!

This is the back of Uncle Kelley's '65 Caddy. Kelley, Jen, Dillon, Paden, Hudson, Justin, Rakel, Lucas and Halli (that's 9--you know what that looked like!) all piled in to take a Thanksgiving day cruise to The Hill. Those of you from Hondo know where that is. Since Kelley didn't want muddy shoes in, Rakel left hers at the house. It was a great ride! Until the gas ran out and Kelley, Justin and Rakel got out and pushed the car the remaining mile home...down a dirt road...with Rakel in socks. Gotta love memories!

Here's a load of cousins! On top: Hudson, Paden and Halli. Big boys standing: Dillon and Lucas. You have no idea how hard it is to get 5 kids ages 5 and under to look and smile at the same time! Obviously, it never happens!

Taking a ride on Pickle--thanks Uncle Kelley!

Meemaw and Lucas, bringin' the pole down! You can't catch me!

Trick or Treat! I say treat to my beautiful butterfly and my tough soldier!

Gotta love the footie jammies!

Semi Annual Blog Update!

"Mooooooooom, will you do our towel heads?"

How cute can you get? Halli and Hunter hanging out

It was our first time at the drive in theatre! We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua (which was actually cute) and the kids (and adults) had a blast! We went comfy style and stuck a twin mattress and a bunch of pillows and blankets in the back of the truck. We can't wait to go again!

Happy, happy, Grandparents' day! Lucas had a program and sang his heart out for all you g-parents!

Still climbing up the hill--Justin turns 30!!!!!

See anything interesting?...

No joke...this one wasn't set up. Even though he acts like an devil sometimes, the horns aren't always there.

I can't believe it myself! Lucas' first day of kindergarten!!!!! Whoa...it's one of those "I'm getting old" moments!

Playin' at the Galleria mall...It took us a while to get down the difference between "Galleria" and "diarrhea"! For a while there, we would go to the "diarrhea mall" or if your belly was really upset, you had fast "galleria" poop. Hehehe.

Like father, like son

Halli making friends at the park

Playing with 3d chalk paint--thanks Mimi & Gramps!

Tell me this isn't the cutest "cheeeeeeeese" face you've ever seen!