Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ho, Ho, How'd Santa Manage This?!

Let's just say that Santa and the Mrs. did some long-term planning for this Christmas...and it was a great success!

Christmas at Mammy's has angels...

Presents and more presents...

Lots of love...(Halli with Uncle Kade)

And wrestling...

And pictures ?!...

Okay, and pictures!

How sassy can you get?!

Watch out, boys! Halli's packin' some heat!

Granny got me this baby because it looks like me...I love it, Gran!

Taking flight at Mammy's

Oh, Lord, if this is any indication...please help us all!

I've got it under control, Dad

You wouldn't believe how fast I can run in these!

Hey, Santa, see you next year! We'll be the extra-fabulous children with beyond great behavior to see if you can top this year...we never had visions of sugarplums anyway--glad you got that memo! So, we're thinking party barge or...