Saturday, January 13, 2007

Semi-final football in Hondo

"For Hondo's Honor & Glory"

Rakel's brother Kolten, center of photo, white kid with blondish hair. They lost the game, but he's a winner to his Sissy!

Rakel's youngest brother Kade contributing to pep rally fun

Halli and Lucas with Mammy (Rakel's mom) at the pep rally

Third from left, Rakel's cousin Lauren

And the award for cutest cheerleader goes to...that's Spartan cheerleader only--you know what I'm talking about, Theresa!

Life Group Christmas Party

Serena, Melanie & Megan, half of John's face, James and Stephen in the gift exchange

If you don't like this outfit, Halli, don't worry. I'm sure we'll find a way to get you another one...or two.

What? We didn't do it! J.R. and Hunter--shocked and innocent!

It's Ruff being such a cute family! Ashley, Brian and Brooklyn

I think Halli wants some popcorn to go with that soda she had! Outfit #2

Okay, let's get a pic of all the moms and babies (we missed you, Cortni!)(Halli outfit #3--the naked one, after the second soda out for those Helrods!)

That's great, but we're still missing some...

Whoa Mamas! We're almost there...

And here it is...the closest thing to a masterpiece 7 moms with 10 kids can create!

Adan & Lucas snitching on Serena's awesome Santa cake icing!

More Bratty Brandt Pics

Rakel & Diego at his new home.

King of the "Castle"

Cutie Pie!

What's up? Check me out in the next pic!

We love powdered donuts! (Yes, we eat in the car.)

Halli and Hunter finding Lucas in the tunnel at Hunter's house