Saturday, February 07, 2009

Officially Registered!


Thanks to Nicole Steubing and Kenneth King, I am now registered OFFICIALLY on the 3Day site. A special thanks to Kandi Howell and Marcy Rothe for being the first two to contribute directly on that site! Here are my links:

Your donations are tax deductible!
Help Me Save THE GIRLS! Donate to my mission to walk in the Susan G Komen 3Day by clicking the following link:

If you prefer to send a donation via check/money order, click this link to print out a form to send in:

Ask your employer to match your donation! They may already be on a list to do so. Click this link to learn more:

Monday, February 02, 2009

3 Day Walk

First of all, yes, Justin was in this pic, but he didn't smile and had eyes closed, too. Now on to business!

I am on a mission to walk in the Susan G Komen 3 Day here in Dallas in November! That's right--60 miles in 3 days! This is one of their major fundraisers, so I have to bring in a minimum of $2300 + $90 registration to be able to walk! Wow! So I am calling on all of you to help me out. Any contribution you can make will push me further towards that $2300 mark. I have a few months to do it, so I'll be making updates as to my progress and fundraising activities.

A group of us ladies from church have formed a team for the walk named Creekside Cares. We have a blog site You can click the link on the left under my Blogger Buddies tab, too. We post information here for each other. We currently have 8 ladies with more in the works. Once I raise $90 to cover my registration, you will be able to donate online on the 3Day site Until then, I can still take all forms of payment, including credit/debit cards. Just give me a call. Thank you so much for your support! I'm walking for you, Misty!

Just say, "I Do."

Rakel's first and best cousin Kandi, a.k.a. Cuz, got married Jan 3 in San Antonio. Thanks, Cuz! We needed a family pic, and this is as close as we could get!

Praise Jesus! The day has come! You had to be there...

Hook 'Em, Kandi! Now that's true alumni...sporting the signs at your wedding!

The happy couple Matt & Kandi...take care of her, Matt...or else!

Kandi picked The Bushnell in San Antonio for her reception. It was gorgeous! The top floor was the reception hall which had stairs leading to a fantastic terrace. The views of San Antonio all around were beautiful. This is Justin's pic of Granny, Mammy and Halli from the ground floor up.

Emily, Kandi, Rakel...the old Hondo Trio

4 Cousins: Lauren, Kandi, Rakel, Stephanie. Two down, two to go. Steph's next, but it's alright La, take your time!

Lucas and Halli...God, I love these kiddos!

Hurry up! We're tired of saying CHEESE! Hudson,Dillon, Lucas, Halli & Paden in front.

The Thigpen Clan

What a crew! These cuties were hilarious. Here's the dialogue between Halli (far left) and the cute girl next to her:
Halli: Hey! I don't have that dress!
Girl: Nope. I have this one and you have that one.
Halli: Yeah. Hey, do you wanna play with me?
Girl: Sure, let's go!
And so began a friendship that lasted all night.

Mom and Halli

Okay, Gran and Grandaddy, I just want some cake!

Icing licker--Halli finally gets what she wants, hence the smile!

Justin and Rakel in a rare pic together without children. The next pic explains what I mean!

Lucas actually took this pic! Halli was running to get there in time :)