Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bring on Spring Part II

Jeremiah & Lucas...My buddy and me!

Halli talks to "Towten" a.k.a. Uncle Kolten

Crashed in Dad's jacket...Just another way Halli get's Dad wrapped around her chubby little finger!

Halli's portrait of self

Woohoo for kite flying weather! Halli, Mr. Mark, Jasmine and Lucas

Lucas was part of a basketball program called PIP, Players In Progress. It teaches fundamentals and good sportsmanship. They performed at half-time for several colleges and high schools in our area. He was awesome! Way to go Buddy!

Lucas, Boney & Halli...This skeleton a.k.a. Boney came from a cool book Mimi & Gramps brought

Lucas & Gramps in a very competitive game of Trouble

After all that reading, Halli is pooped! Nothin' more comfy than the belly of a Gramps!

Mimi & Halli reading. Thanks for the books, Mimi!

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